ISTD National & Classical Greek


ISTD National Dance celebrates the traditional dances of various countries. It's a wonderful way to explore cultural diversity through dance, learning about different customs, costumes, and music whilst working in groups.

Classical Greek Dance is inspired by the movement styles of ancient Greece, this form emphasises fluidity, grace, and expressiveness. It's a blend of lyrical movement, storytelling, and theatricality.

ISTD National & Classical Greek
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National & Greek at Kilburn

Our experienced instructors bring a deep understanding of these styles, ensuring that students not only learn the technical aspects but also appreciate the cultural and historical significance of each dance form. Classes are structured to cater to different age groups and skill levels, providing a supportive and enriching learning environment.

Performance and Examination Opportunities

Students will have the chance to showcase what they've learned in performances, bringing the stories and traditions of these dance styles to life. We also offer the opportunity to take ISTD examinations in both National and Classical Greek dance, which are excellent for tracking progress and achieving recognised qualifications.

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Benefits of ISTD National & Classical Greek

  • Cultural Appreciation
    Gain insight into the dances and traditions of different cultures.
  • Artistic Expression
    Develop a sense of storytelling and expression through movement.
  • Physical Benefits
    Improve flexibility, posture, and overall physical conditioning.
  • Confidence and Creativity
    Enhance stage presence and creative interpretation skills.
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Whether your child is fascinated by the cultural aspects of dance or looking to expand their dance repertoire, our ISTD National and Classical Greek classes offer a unique and comprehensive learning experience. With flexible scheduling and monthly payment options, enrolling at Kilburn School of Dance is a seamless and rewarding journey.

ISTD National & Classical Greek
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