Musical Theatre & Singing


Musical Theatre combines singing, acting, and dance, offering a comprehensive performing arts experience. Our program is designed to nurture budding performers, enhancing their vocal abilities while also developing their stage presence and acting skills.

Vocal Training

Learn techniques for breath control, vocal strength, and clarity.

Acting Skills

Develop character interpretation and emotional expression.

Performance Opportunities

Showcase talents in recitals and productions.

Musical Theatre & Singing
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Musical Theatre at Kilburn

Our dedicated instructors are experienced in the various aspects of musical theatre and singing. They focus on individual student needs, ensuring a supportive and encouraging environment. Classes are tailored to help each student find their voice and express their artistic vision.

DANG Musical Theatre Exams and Audition Prep

We also offer preparation for DANG exams and auditions, providing students with the skills and confidence needed to excel in their performance pursuits.

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Benefits of Musical Theatre/Singing

  • Confidence Building
    Overcome stage fright and gain self-assurance.
  • Artistic Expression
    Explore creativity through song and performance.
  • Vocal Health
    Learn techniques for maintaining a healthy voice.
  • Teamwork and Social Skills
    Collaborate with peers in a fun and dynamic setting.
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Whether your child dreams of Broadway or simply loves to sing and perform, our Musical Theatre and Singing program offers a nurturing environment to explore their passion. With flexible scheduling and monthly payment options, enrolling at Kilburn School of Dance is a step towards realising those dreams.

Musical Theatre & Singing
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